Special Course of Sushi and Sake Pairing

We started sushi and sake pairing course in March 2024.
We use unique elements of Japanese fermented ingredients or seasonings such as heshiko cured mackerel, rice bran-pickled vegetable and different types of soy sauce.
It includes Sake pairing of 6 different types of sake from different breweries around Japan. You will find it interesting to taste the diversity of sake and the combination with dishes.
We’d like our guests to experience something which can be enjoyed only in Kyoto, Japan.
This special course is served on only limited days. Don’t miss it!


Appetizer, 2 sashimi plates, 9~10pcs of sushi, dessert and 6 small glasses of Sake pairing

– Booking is required 2 days prior, limited up to 6 counter bar seats for each day
– Around 120mins course duration
– 12,000 JPY(tax included)/person
– Please ask us the special request like allergic food, gluten free


It will be happening on Wednesday night or Sunday daytime once or a twice a month.
Please check the monthly calendar or our Instagram for the schedule.


It was a new experience to taste sushi and sashimi cooked with the different soy sauce or other unique seasonings. Drinks were also something hard to get outside of Japan.  – G.H. (U.S.A.)

I’m not a sake person usually, but really enjoyed sake I had during the course. I felt all of them were nicely paired with each dish!  – M.M (Japan)

I enjoyed not only the food and drink, but also talking with the chef. It was interesting to know  about Japanese food culture such as fermented food or sake. – G.C. (Spain)